Turkish Sufi Poet
(AD.1240 – 1320)


Editor: Dr. Necati Aksu

Who is Yunus Emre?

A person who sees your face once

A single word can brighten the face

Ask those who know

Beloved the arrow of your love

Dear friends listen to me

Even if the two worlds

He who knows the source

Hold tight to the garment of love

How can you live in this world

I am a fatherless pearl

I am before i am after

If i ever take a step

If you are in love with love

If you become wise

If you dont sacrifice

I m now loves silly duck

Knowledge is to understand

Knowledge should mean

Leave behind this fear of death

Love is an exalted station

Love permeates my heart

Lovers dear lovers

My friends do you know

My soul the way of the masters

Oh friend when i began to love you

Sultan my sultan

The  drink sent down from truth

The mature ones are a sea

This soul of mine

Those who became complete

To be in love with love

To be real on this path

True speech is the fruit

We encountered the house

What is this sorrow

What is this thing

Who asks what i am

Who ever claims to be a lover

You are the soul

Your love has wrested me