The Mystic Rose Garden


Edited by: Dr. Necati Aksu

(Turkish version of the book)

(Persian version of the book)


Who cannot understand the «ISLAMIC RELIGION»; shocking the minds that are stuck with the imitation and metaphor of the subject; The book GÜLŞEN-Î RÂZ, which will guide those who have deep contemplation, is a great mercy for all thinking Muslims.
May Allah grant us the ability to obtain and digest the secrets pointed out in this book.



– Inner cover

– Introduction

– Exordium

– The Cause of Writing This Book


– First of all I am perplexed about my own thought ;

What is that which they call thinking?

– What sort of thought is the condition of my path?

Wherefore is it sometimes a duty, sometimes a sin?


– What am I? tell me what "I" means?

What is the meaning of "Travel into yourself?"

– Of what sort is this traveller, who is this wayfarer?

Of whom shall I say that he is the perfect man?

– Who then is he who attains to the secret of unity?

Who is the understanding one that is a knower?

– If knower and known are both the One pure essence,

What are the aspirations in this handful of dust

– To what point belongs the aphorism, 'I am The Truth?'

Why call you that impostor a vain babbler?

– Why call they a creature 'united'

How can he achieve travelling and journey?

– What is the union of necessary and contingent?

What are 'near' and 'far' 'more' and 'less'?

– What is that sea whose shore is speech?

What is that pearl which is found in its depths?

– What is that part which is greater than its whole?

What is the way to find that part?

– How are eternal and temporal separate,

That one is the world, and the other God?

– What means the mystic by those expressions of his

What does he indicate by "eye" and "lip?"

What seeks he by "cheek," "curl," "down," and "mole?"

He, to wit, who is in "stations" and "states?"

– What meaning attaches to wine, torch, and beauty?

What is assumed in being a haunter of taverns?

– Idols, girdles and Christianity in this discourse

Are all infidelity ; if not, say what they are.


– (Note on the Prosody of the "Gulshan ı Raz")